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Yoga For Weight Loss: Forms and Positions

  • Yoga for weight loss is nothing new. It may be the perfect solution for weight loss. Certain forms of yoga and certain yoga exercises can be beneficial to those who practice them. Weight loss for those who are overweight is one benefit of yoga positions. Yoga classes for those who are heavy when they start is available in some places. This exercise is a lifelong pursuit that can help your health and help obese people lose weight. When these people get into the program, their weight loss will go beyond just yoga positions and can include changes in their lifestyle, diet, and exercise.

A Primer Before You Start Yoga

  • Weight loss goes beyond the mere losing of extra pounds. It is more about a change in the way you look at your body, and the relationship you have with it. This can be a very beneficial thing for those who have a weight problem. Many are faced with a situation where they have a heavy, uncomfortable body that does not help them look forward to the future. Depression can follow. This article will help you understand how yoga can help and enhance your life.
  • People who practice a few different types of yoga postures can have a healthy relationship with their bodies. The various types of yoga postures or positions will help them in taking control of your health situation from the inside out. The nice thing about yoga is that it can be practiced from the comfort of your own living space and in less than 30 minutes. That’s both good and bad. It’s good for those with little time to participate in a yoga group somewhere. It’s bad in that you will lose out on making friends and associates in a yoga group who can support your weight loss efforts. Support from other people in similar situations will keep you going. Lifelong friends can sometimes be found. Your social life can improve a lot.

Yoga Positions Designed For Losing Weight

The positions you see below are ideal for losing weight. They are perfect for toning and strengthening your body core. Hold each position for at least 3-5 deep breaths. That’s about 30 to 60 seconds or longer, if you can. Repeat the routines 2 or 3 times during your session. Do these routines at least 3-4 times per week. Keep trying if you fail the first few times. If you can, have a friend help you get in the positions.

4 Best Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

The Tree posture

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart. Slowly and smoothly, raise the right foot and rest it on the inside of the left thigh (or as close to the thigh as you can get) (right knee pointing outwards).
  • Bring your hands together as in prayer in front of your chest and breathe in deeply and slowly for 4 seconds. Then exhale slowly through your nose for 8 seconds. Breathe again a second time, but with the second exhalation, bring your arms to the sky, keeping your hands together.
  • Use a balance post or wall in front of you to help balance yourself.
  • Repeat this position with the other leg in the same way. Start it all again. Repeat the position 3 or 4 times.

The Crescent Moon Posture

  • Stand up and step forward with your left foot in a wide open stance with your right leg stretched back and flexed 90 degrees from the ground (square to the ground).
  • Inhale deeply for 4 seconds. As we breathe inward, we will raise our hands up (palms facing one another) to the sky.
  • Hold the posture for several deep breaths (4 seconds inhale – 8 seconds exhale) and repeat the exercise with the other leg out.
  • Repeat and alternate legs 3 to 4 times per session.

The Oscillating Boat Posture

  • Sit with your legs stretched forward and your heels resting on the floor. Your back must be straight.
  • Keep the back straight and the hands supported next to the hip, you will tilt your body 45º backwards.
  • As you inhale slowly over 4 seconds, stretch your arms and legs. Keep the legs together and the tips of the fingers pointing outwards (forming a “V” with the body.

4.- The Bow posture

  • Place yourself lying on your stomach (looking at the floor).
  • Put your feet up in the air and try to grab your feet or ankles with your hands. The effort is what is important. Get help from someone if you find it is difficult at first.
  • Pull the stomach and stretch the feet upwards while raising the upper body off the floor.
    Keep the shoulder blades down.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t do it at first. The effort is good enough for now. Hold the position and try to inhale and exhale the same way as the other postures. Repeat 4 or 5 times per session.

Overweight and obese people who struggle to lose weight need to change the way they think about the things in their lives. And this cannot be about the things that are causing them to be overweight but rather about the things that can help them lose weight. This will help them take control of their health and change their lifestyle so that they are healthy both inside and out.

When you think about losing weight and the things that can help you with this. It is not about dieting. When you put a little thought into it, dieting does not help you lose weight. It’s more about the activities you do and choices you make that really do the most. The desire and willingness to change and the discipline required to stay on track with diets and activities is what does you the most good.

Weight Loss Considerations

For those who are overweight and want to lose it, there are a variety of things they must identify and isolate before anything can work for them.

Do you know the cause of your weight gain?

What affected you such that you stopped caring about how you looked?

Which poor food choices do you often make?

Are you an addictive personality? What things do you crave that make you feel good? Attention? Beauty? Sweets? Sex? Drugs? TV Shows? Acceptance? After you have identified the addictive side of your nature, you can then position yourself better to reduce your need for them. You can then focus on what you can do to change your body to become healthier and fitter.

It’s often said that the best thing for your internal situation is a healthy diet and a series of healthy Yoga exercises as described above. There are different types of exercise that one can undertake. If you decide to embark on these types of exercises, it is important that you do them regularly. It is also essential that you consult a professional to know which type of exercise and which type of exercise is suitable for you. Never overdo exercise.

Do not do these exercises if you are not feeling well.

You should also be avoiding alcohol. Even if you are not drinking alcohol, you should also be avoiding drinking lots of soda and water. Drinking lots of water is also a great way to get rid of your acne.

Have a Yoga Weightloss Exercise Schedule

The next thing is that you have to have a regular schedule. Your schedule should always be geared towards doing the exercises. Therefore, make sure that your schedule is set for seven days a week. Turn off everything during your scheduled time.
Remember to do the Yoga exercise on a daily basis.

Some people have concluded that you need to do exercises in a cold or cool room. It is a good idea and there is a lot of truth to cold or cool being good for your body. A cold exercise environment also helps you to build your body. So, if you can, do your Yoga postures in a cool room. When you sleep, do so in a cool room. This also helps you to lose weight.


In order to improve your body, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water. It is also good to add some salts into the water that you drink. Remember to take some salt. This will help your body. Drink cold water instead of hot water.
Avoid consuming sugar. Sugar reduces your metabolism over the longer term.
Consume lots of fluids.
Avoid acidic foods. Eat probiotic foods. Have alkaline foods when possible. Foods that are acidic will increase bad cholesterol.

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