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  • The following is a home workout to lose weight. Every year, it seems more and more Americans begin trying to lose weight. Many try dieting programs; others try exercising. Exercise is the key to making all diets work like they are supposed to. Did you know that? Burning calories is the result of exercise. A person wanting to lose weight should always keep in mind that they have to burn more calories than they consume in food. That’s what home workout to lose weight is all about.

They also need to consume more protein in their diets. Following or creating an exercise routine helps those who do it succeed in losing weight. Exercise though is not only for making your diet work. It also makes you feel better, gives you stronger bones, and reduces the chances of contracting chronic illnesses.

I’ve included a list of excellent exercises that can get you started.

1. Home Workout to Lose Weight – Running


Running is considered the easiest and most affordable exercise to incorporate into your life. This exercise can burn up to 500 calories per hour, which means it helps you shed a significant amount of weight fast. Run on a treadmill or outdoors on the fresh air, and you can burn off an additional 500 calories per day with little effort.

2. Biking

Biking is not a good option for several reasons. You can increase risk of injury with speed, and traffic can be a problem. The equipment, such as  bike helmets, knee-pads and other things you might want for a bike ride can be expensive. The bike itself can be expensive and maintaining it is always necessary. While it’s always good to have a riding partner, it’s not always possible to find one when you want to ride.

You are more likely to benefit on a stationary bike in a gym or at your home. The problem with stationary bikes is that it’s boring. Some people overcome that by setting up their stationary bikes in their living room near the TV. Then, instead of sitting on a couch for hours watching TV programs or news, they can instead be getting great exercise while they watch TV. Just make sure the seat on your stationary bike is comfortable and that it has a tray on it for drinks. Doing this, you can exercise for easily for up to two or three hours at a time.

3. Home Workout to Lose Weight – Walking

If you live in an urban area and you like to go out for a walk, you should walk instead of ride a bike. Walking is very easy and can burn up to 400 calories per hour, which translates to a significant weight loss. It is one of the most popular exercises in many fitness centers across the US, and it can even burn calories faster than running. It is advisable to do more walks. Ways you can make your walks more interesting are to listen to music while you’re walking. Upbeat music is best to get you walking faster and with more energy.

You can also wear ankle weights or arm weights to increase the amount of energy and calories that you use. Lots of people wear a watch that tracks your heart rate, etc while they’re walking. Others wear go-pro cameras on a helmet while they walk. Walking is always more enjoyable with a friend or companion or two. It’s the best exercise for overall good health.

Walking Tips

Additionally, it’s something you can do well into your nineties and even past 100 years old if you make a habit of it. You don’t need an elliptical machine and no membership to walk outdoors. Find a sidewalk or park pathway, and stride your way to good health. Find a pathway that has various types of terrain – uphill, downhill, flat surface etc.

Walking on a treadmill is also an option and is another good way of burning calories. To do this, walk on a treadmill until you reach your target heart rate, then switch to another one. You can even go through a progression by walking slower on the first treadmill, then increasing the speed, and so on. This will increase your heart rate gradually, meaning you will burn more calories while exercising.

4. Home Workout to Lose Weight – Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise for weight loss. It is one of the most fun ways of exercising. There are many swimming pools, and swimming is a non-weight bearing activity, so it can be done at home, and you can do it for up to 45 minutes per day or longer. The only issue is you must have access to a swimming pool. Most health gyms have them, but they are often used for classes and it’s a little hard to find them when you want to. Having a swimming pool at home, of course, is a great option – if you can afford it. Good swimming pools are expensive for most people.

If you’re fortunate enough to have one, use it. Do you know how to swim? Well, that’s important, too. If you do, the Australian crawl is an overall excellent weight loss exercise. Try a few laps doing it and then switch to the backstroke for a lap or two, then a dog-paddle stroke. Swim like a dog. The breast-stroke is excellent exercise, too. If you have a lot of energy, the butterfly – in which you bring your arms up out of the water in front of you as you pull yourself forward. It’s intense, but excellent for those trying to lose weight.

5. Home Workout to Lose Weight – Strength Training

Strength training at home is a very popular exercise. Few people realize that strength training with heavier weights is a great aid in losing weight. Treadmill training can help you to burn up to 600 calories per hour in a gym if you do it for more than 30 minutes per session. You can even do half push-ups (knees on ground) at home, and eventually go from half push-ups to full push-ups (knees up, back straight, chin up, hands on the floor under your shoulders).

This is not the only way to build muscle, but it is one of the more popular ones, and is recommended by most trainers. Sit-ups are also a great way to lose weight.

Make sure you have someone hold your feet or have something that will keep your feet in place. Do them with bent knees. Keep your hands on either side of your ears, but do not touch your head while you are doing sit-ups. Start with 10. You’ll quickly realize that you can do 20, then 25, then 50, and then, 100. Don’t do them too fast. Do them slowly, smoothly and steadily to get the best benefits from the exercise of sitting up. You can do these workouts at home or at a gym if you want.

Putting it All Together With Exercise Circuits

If you want to burn more calories and gain muscles at the same time, you can combine all the above exercises into a circuit. Make sure you do not start to jog before doing the push-ups, or you will cause your heart rate to increase. You can also start with walking, and do a steady pace for a short while. Slowly increase the speed and start the push-ups again. Another way is to put these exercises together, with some exercises done one after the other. For example, you can do a 20-30 minute walk on the treadmill, do a set of push-ups, then continue your circuit. Whatever your choice, develop an exercise routine.

Once you have the routine down, you can begin to incorporate new exercises into the routine. If you have some of the equipment at home, you can start to do push-ups and bodyweight squats on your exercise machine. Do push-ups and squats on the floor, then start again with the other exercises.

Varying Your Exercise Routine

As you progress, you can alternate weight training with other exercise styles. You can also start a circuit training, which involves a base period of no exercise,  a period of moderate exercise,  a period of hard exercise, then a period of moderate exercise again, and so on.

You can also combine the above exercises with some cardio exercise. Some suggest doing a short period of cardio, then weights, then cardio again, then weights, and so on. But again, do what you feel is right for you, and right for you alone.

You will be strong and healthy in no time, and you will lose weight at the same time.
Now, if all the above just seems too hard for you and you want to start an exercise routine that will get you started losing weight, then pick one of the first four exercises. Do it until you want to incorporate additional exercises into your routine.

Each of the exercises above can help you lose weight, get healthier, and make you feel better.

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